As parents, we all share the same dream – we want our children to be happy and successful. Education is key in fulfilling that dream. That is why making smart and informed decisions about school options for your child is crucial. I am here to facilitate your journey and help you make those decisions.

A little preview of our Launching Course

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Hi, I’m Victoria Kenny

I am the Director of Miami Schools Fair & Conference - your one stop resource to Private and Public Schools in Miami. I empower thousands of parents to make smart educational decisions. I have over 20 years experience in international business, education, training and gender issues. My background is diverse having worked for corporate America, academia as well as on my own. My corporate experience includes firms such as Motorola, Providing Financial and my last position as Content and Program Director for a media company. Prior to that, I worked at Florida International University as researcher, instructor and Program Coordinator. However, my teaching background started a while back at prestigious bilingual schools and universities teaching business English and preparing for the University of Cambridge International Programs. I hold a Certificate in Management from CCRI in Rhode Island, a Business Degree from Universidad de Belgrano’s Economics College and Master's in Latin American Studies/International Business from Florida International University as well as online teaching credentials from OAS and a Gender Equality degree from the Ministry of Women's Institute in Spain.

You and your staff are to be commended for offering such an invaluable collection of resources for young families in our area.

Debby Lichtner

Director of Admission and Enrollment Management St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School

Thank you, Victoria, for the invite, and for the important event that you created.

Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar

Author, Lecturer, Consultant

Harvard University

Your event was a true testament of the dedication and commitment of parents in your community!

Melba Brito

Administrative Director

Department of Bilingual Education and World Languages - Miami Dade County Public Schools